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Yas Technical  is a UAE owned trading and holding Company formed in 2020 with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Company comprises numerous business ownership interests, joint ventures, real estate holdings, oil & gas services and general trading activities. YAS has an experienced and highly skilled multinational staff with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to provide all the expertise and services necessary to be successful in the complex market place of the Arabian Gulf.  Yas is looking to be  grown and expanded to become a multi-national, multi-discipline and a recognized leader in the thriving and expanding markets of the United Arab Emirates and Middle East countries.

Diana T. Davis



To create a work environment in which the host communities and the company become fundamentally interdependent. This is done with a mutual understanding and commitment to growth and development.

Our commitment to community development is based on the following objectives: –

  • Integrated planning and execution of community development programs, with full community input and participation
  • Sustainable empowerment of the indigenous host communities through the provision of employment and improved welfare
  • Adoption of best practices that guarantee community friendly operations.
  • Offer products and specialized services to optimize client projects

  • Deliver service that exceeds the expectations of our clients
  • Build strong client relations based on open and reliable communication
  • Provide support and benefit to the local communities in all our global operations
  • Protect the planet by promoting environment-friendly products




In line with the strategic direction of YAS, our resolute policy is to consciously determine the stated and implied needs and expectations of interested parties – customers, legal & regulatory entities, government, shareholders, employees, suppliers and community – relevant to our business of onshore/offshore pipeline laying, fabrication, provision of drilling services, petroleum products supply, equipment leasing and procurement and ensure that their requirements are met. We shall focus on continual improvement of our quality performance and quality management system performance by taking applicable action to effectively address any identified shortfall while encouraging next practice innovations and ideas in all our dealings.

Key strengths

  • Extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry
  • Extensive experience in Human Resource Management Key services:
  • Technical experts
  • Executive search


Our Team

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